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CK Cold Storage Limited is a registered company under the Malawi Government Business Names Act.we venture into cold storage and butchery business were we sell all meat products.

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Makata Industrial Area, Next To Blantyre Water Board, Blantyre
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CK Cold Storage buys S & A Cold Storage
News Apr 12, 2023

S&A Cold Storage Company (Private) Limited has changed its name to CK Cold Storage Limited after Apostle Clifford Kawinga bought it.

A statement which S&A Cold Storage Company former shareholder and director Abida Mia has issued indicates that Kawinga acquired the firm after meeting requirements.

“The former shareholders and directors of S&A Cold Storage Company (Private) Limited, now known as CK Cold Storage Limited, located at plot Title Number Blantyre East 403 in Makata, Blantyre (comprising the cold storage, abattoir and butchery), and in Ngabu, Chikwawa (comprising a cattle farm), wish to inform the general public that the company is now under new ownership and management.

“The company is now wholly owned by Apostle Clifford Kawinga, having complied with all the required formalities. The general public is further notified that all transactions with the company are to be done in the name of CK Cold Storage Limited,” the statement reads.

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